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Politics of Intimidation: Sen. John Udoedeghe’s Modus November 7, 2009

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Senator John Udoedeghe recently lied and thugged up to mis-represent a common blessing by the Ahta Oro.  In his bid to muscle opposition against Gov. Godswill Akpabio, it is disturbing to note that John Udoedeghe is engaging an uncommon method, harassing and intimidating traditional rulers to force endorsements.

Not only in Oro, where John obtained a blessing despite openly insulting the Oro people (he claims to now seek gubernatorial election because Oro people cannot produce a candidate),  he recently intimidated and forced an endorsement from a visibly shaken paramount ruler of Uyo.

It is quite unfortunate that John Udoedeghe is employing desperate madness as a political strategy. Only one thing can come out of  his desperation: the desecration of our traditional institutions for his self-induced curses.

My concern is that John Udoedeghe may actually be plotting mayhem and violence to confuse the Akwa Ibom electoral process. Ordinarily, Akwa Ibom State should have clean and peaceful 2011 elections given Gov. Akpabio’s massive grassroots support base and performance driven administration.

It is, therefore, recommended that we the people of Akwa Ibom State become vigilant: we the people must now read the riot act to John Udoedeghe that his campaign strategies of intimidating our traditional institutions and plotting elections mayhem will not be tolerated.

God bless the Oro Nation!

God bless Akwa Ibom State!

Below is response by the Ahta Oro:

Reaction By Ahta Oro