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Dr. Moses Udoh

Dr. Moses Udoh is a distinguished medical doctor working in the United States of America.  

He donated $20,000 at the last AKISAN Convention and became an instant toast. I caught up with him by phone and on the Internet.  

This is one man to watch. We need more men who are willing put their money where their mouths are. 

I asked him a few questions and obtained answers below. 

Interview by Barr. Ata Ikiddeh


AKGLOBAL: Dr Moses Udoh, tell us a bit about your resume?

Dr. Udoh: Thank you very much, Barrister Ikiddeh. My resume seems to be long, but I would be brief here.

I am a Diplomate of American Board of Internal Medicine and A Fellow of American College of Physicians. Also, I belong to many professional organizations, including the Association of Nigerian Physicians Abroad (ANPA).

My areas of specialization are: Acute Care, Hospital and Internal Medicine. I spend most of my days in the Intensive Units and Medical Wards. I am also the Vice Chairman, Department of Medicine at Providence Hospitals in South Carolina, USA.

I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Spartan Health Sciences University and New York Medical College. I completed my Internship at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and my specialty training at St. Vincent Medical Centers/NYMC, New York.

AKGLOBAL: You raised eyebrows at the last AKISAN convention with your $20,000 donation, which translates to about to 2.5 million Naira. In Nigeria when a man donates that kind of money to his local association he is making a statement. Are you making a statement or should we see this as your generosity?

Dr. Udoh: My donation was purely from my heart. I believe in AKISAN and I love Akwa Ibom. We are in a process of building Akwa Ibom Cultural Center at Washington, DC. This is an enormous undertakings. I believe this center will leave a legacy for future generations. I believe each of us has a duty to make this world a better place for generations to come. That is why I support our Governor, Dr. Akpabio’s vision for free education and other projects.   

AKGLOBAL: I remember you in school (Federal Government College Enugu), you were the House Captain of Honesty House. (I was in Form One at the time). I remember you as a strong leader (apparently His Excellency Dr. Godswill Akpabio was the Senior Prefect at FGC Ikot Ekpene at the time). What sort of leader are you?

Dr. Udoh: I am a leader who cares about the less fortunate ones in our society. I am a compassionate leader who sees the world not in black or white or ethnicity. I remember our days at FGCE; I remember what our Principal, Mr. Imana, used to tell us that we were going to be the leaders of our time. Well he was right!

AKGLOBAL: His Excellency Governor Akpabio has initiated and completed several ground breaking projects in Akwa Ibom State, what’s your honest assessment of his record and what impact will these projects have on the lives of our people?

Dr. Udoh: Governor Akpabio has done an excellent job so far. I believe the impact of his many noble projects will make our state the prime state in Nigeria. It will make Akwa Ibom live up to her name” The Land of Promise”. But, also we need to help our Governor by standing with him and working in partnerships with private sectors, academia, non-profits and ordinary citizens to elevate our state.

AKGLOBAL: What advise will you give to the new AKISAN leadership?

Dr. Udoh: Bring people together because together we can move mountains, part the sea and reach for the stars (this was in my Chairman’s speech at the recent AKISAN Convention). We are one people having one goal and one destiny. 

AKGLOBAL: You are a distinguished medical doctor. During the last Diaspora Fact Finding Tour, the Governor called on diaspora doctors to come home and train up medical students at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital during their breaks and sabbatical leave, he promised to pay them the equivalent of what they earn overseas , will you take up the Governor’s offer?

Dr. Udoh: I am always willing to help our state. I have gone on many medical missions to Akwa Ibom, with the last one being December 2008. I met Dr. Offiong Aqua during the AKISAN National Convention and pledged my support to him and Governor Akpabio’s administration.

I am a mentor, a teacher and a researcher. I was the Principal Investigator during APIXABAN Clinical trials in our hospital. If Governor Akpabio calls for our contribution, we have to answer and we must be ready to contribute substantially.

AKGLOBAL: What’s your thought on those who constantly criticize Governor Akpabio?

Dr. Udoh: Everyone has the right to criticize anybody, even more so when you are a leader. Constructive criticism is good for democracy. But to just criticize without any basis only serves as a distraction and should be ignored.

AKGLOBAL: What are the chances of a member of the Diaspora winning an election in Nigeria?

Dr Udoh: I believe people will support a visionary leader with a very strong grassroots support at home. It is possible.

AKGLOBAL: Will you consider running for elective office next year at the AKISAN Convention? 

Dr. Udoh: Based on the number of phone calls and e-mails I have received since returning from Baltimore, It appears people are yearning for progressive leaders in our AKISAN. May God bless AKISAN, May God bless Akwa Ibom and her leadership and may God bless the USA! 

AKGLOBAL: Thank you, Dr. Moses Udoh.