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Top Akwa Ibom Biomedical Researcher Delivers First Ever Sponsio Lecture at the University of Uyo College of Health Sciences December 30, 2011

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Professor Ekere J. Essien














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One of Nigeria’s foremost biomedical researchers and United States based Akwa Ibomite, Prof. Ekere J. Essien, delivered the first ever Sponsio Lecture at the University of Uyo College of Health Sciences in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State on December 8, 2011.

The lecture, titled ““The Bedside and Beyond: Medical Practice in the 21st Century”, was part of events to mark the first graduation ceremony of medical doctors from the University of Uyo.

Addressing the graduating students, Prof. Ekere Essien, who is the Director of the Institute of Community Health at the University of Houston said “as a 21st century doctor, you will be considered an integrative healer who will provide care that is patient-centered and comprehensive (body, mind, and spirit), care that is both high-tech (using genomic prediction tools, systems biology, and functional medicine, for example) and high-touch.” 

Having over two decades of biomedical research and academic work experience since graduating from the University of Calabar Medical School, Prof. Ekere Essien, who also serves as a Vice President of the Akwa Ibom Diaspora Network (AIDN – an organization by which Akwa Ibom citizens in the Diaspora can effectively develop and harness resources for sustainable development and advancement of the Akwa Ibom people) expressed gratitude for being given the opportunity to deliver the first ever Sponsio Lecture at the University of Uyo.

“I am honoured to deliver the first ever Sponsio Lecture at the University of Uyo College of Health Sciences for several reasons, one of which is that, as a citizen of Akwa Ibom State, it gives me great joy that we have our own medical college that would train physicians to meet the ever-increasing health care needs of our state”, he said.

“As you begin your medical practice, try your very best to avoid any unethical behaviors because these can cause greater damage to you, the name of this great institution, your locality and families. Be good ambassadors of the University of Uyo and strive for excellence in all your professional career and life pursuits. 

“Be honest, do not fabricate, falsify, or misrepresent data. Do not deceive your colleagues, act with sincerity and strive for consistency of thought and action. Avoid careless errors and negligence by carefully and critically examining your own diagnosis, decisions and treatment. This will help protect you from any malpractice claims by patients. Respect your fellow doctors and treat them fairly. Protect your patients’ confidentiality and records. Share data, results, ideas, tools, resources with your fellow doctors. Be open to criticism and new ideas. Know and obey relevant medical laws, and institutional and governmental policies”, Prof. Essien counseled the sixteen new physicians.